By Dominic, on 07/23/2013

4 stars for the shades and 1 more for the fast shipping.

By Joe Seidel, on 07/11/2013

Couldn't believe the price but they really are legit. Thanks guys.

By Dustin Albright, on 07/06/2013

Gave them to my brother I wasn't really happy with how they looked on me but he's really jazzed and says definitely a 5.

By Patricia Kang, on 07/01/2013

She looks ridiculously cute in these and I didn't spend a fortune, thanks!

By Diana G, on 06/25/2013

My new favorites. So cool and pretty! The color rocks. I like how the frame is metal and not just plastic.

By Anthony N. Burke, on 06/20/2013

Best price I have found on these. They're great. Thanks.

By wifespaws, on 06/10/2013

i'm writing concerning a recent review.

By crannberry america big time, on 06/10/2013

wow! what a great glass pair of eye wear i am wearing so far. i go faster on my moped through the big american city i rent a great house from thanks to new great RX5184-2000 and the neighbor always say "slow down you cool cat and keep your paws off my wife" and we laugh so good at bbqeing of pig and cows meat. thanks rays ban

By Wendy Hoang, on 06/10/2013

These look incredible in person and they're polarized which is a must. Will definitely shop here again.

By Helene G., on 05/30/2013

They came a few weeks ago so I've had a good amount of time to evaluate them. I wasn't expecting too much for the price, figured he'd break them in a week or so but they have held up really well.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses and Eyeglasses

Ray-Bans have seen wild popularity as well as decades where they were not as well-known. They are now again back in fashion as celebrities such as Katy Perry have worn them in videos and movies. In the 50ís and 60ís Kim Novak and Marilyn Monroe wore them. While in the 70ís they suffered some setbacks in the 80ís they experienced a resurgence with Quentin Tarantino movies and other movie and television placements like Risky Business with Tom Cruise.
< br /> Ray-Bans continue to be classically stylish while edgy. The Aviator, Wayfarer and newer models bring eyes stylish protection with updated lens technology and innovation.

Ray-Ban Arista/White RB3428 - 001/3K Sunglasses

When it comes to aviators not much can be said that hasn't been already, not many new styles are left to be imagined. Unless, of course, we're talking about Ray-Ban. Synonmyous with aviators, Ray-Ban sunglasses and eyeglasses are one of the only makes to hold on to such wild popularity for so long. When looking for something different, something revived and reinvented Ray-Ban Icons are a great place to look.

The Ray-Ban outdoorsman and aviator are pretty much the wear with anything, go anywhere style. They have become an iconic look for a reason. It is difficult to find a pair that wouldn't look fanastic no matter the circumstances. They'e are many imitators of the style but there's a reason everyone comes back to the originals. Construction that is trusted and a look that can't be beat are reasons for the success of Ray-Ban sunglasses and eyeglasses. But if you want something just a little bit different Ray-Ban has that too!

A pair of sunglasses that bring something cool and different are the Ray-Ban RB3428 001/3K in Arista/White. Building on a tried and true classic shape these Road Spirit aviators add just that something special to stand apart from the pack. Featuring the superior construction expected from Ray-Ban eyewear the RB3428 goes the extra mile to deliver a bit of kick. These sunglasses have a stunning gold frame with white detailing on the frame front and white temple tip. The lenses are a brown gradient which complements the gold perfectly. These are definitely not the every-man pair of sunglasses. It takes a bit of gusto to give them a try. The Ray-Ban Arista/White RB3428 - 001/3K sunglasses are rugged and masculine, but with a touch of penasche. They're smooth, few words can describe them better.

The Top gun of eyewear: The Ray-Ban sunglasses

Think of Top Gun, and the following will come to mind immediately: High power aircraft and sunglasses. And even besides the movie, these Ray-Ban sunglasses have a story of their own behind them.

Let's go back in time all the way to the 1930's. Lieutenant John A. Macready, a test pilot at the United States Army Air Corps had returned from a balloon flight with his eyes damaged. The story tells us that he asked Baush & Lomb for their best sunglasses. That prompted the company to create an Anti-Glare prototype with a gold-plated 150 grams metal frame. The Aviator was born.

The Aviator became famous during World War II when photographers captured General Douglas McArthur landing in Phillipines. Briefly afterwards, the Aviator and other Ray-Ban sunglasses were seen outside of the army.

During the 1950's and 1960's the Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses were the top choice for musicians and celebrities. Bob Marley and Bob Dylan adopted them as part of their personal image. During the 1980's even more actors started wearing Ray-Bans, both, during movies and throughout their personal life. Some of them include Dan Akroyd, Bruce Willis, and Tom Cruise.

Today Ray-Ban manufactures different lines of sunglasses with various types of lenses. Some of Ray-Ban lenses include the APX (Advanced Polycarbonate) which provide maximum performance for minimum weight; the B15-XLT which block 100% of UV rays and 85% of visible light; the G15-XLT, which provide better contrast than the B-15; polarized lenses which block axis oriented light; and photochromic or transitional lenses, which automatically adjust their darkness depending on their exposure to sunlight.

Ray-Ban eyeglasses are now an icon around the world that depicts the cleanness and elegance of US Army officials. You can be part of our American history. Join all US Army pilots' enthusiasts that have adopted Ray-Ban sunglasses as their way of life. They'll look great on you!

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Ray-Ban Sunglasses and Eyeglasses

Brilliant design often begins with practical need. In the 1930ís, a test pilot, Lieutenant John A. Macready, contacted Bausch & Lomb asking for better sunglasses. He wanted a pair that offered great protection from the sun while still looking stylish. The Aviator was born. Pilots in the Army Air Corps began using them and soon they were being bought and worn by people outside of the military.

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